Do not send your return package to ECC Sweden


Last couple of weeks ECC Sweden has received return packages from consumers who have made a purchase from Vitality Club. Remember that you should not send the package to us, but to the company you received the goods of.

ECC Sweden increasingly gets return packages from consumers who believe that we are company they are in a dispute with. We want to remind that we are not a company, but an independent unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency working with information and advice to consumers.

Because we send back the return package to you, there is a risk that you will miss your withdrawal period of 14 days. Therefore, it is important to always send the package to the company you received the goods from. Read carefully on the invoice or delivery note which company you received the package from, and what address where you should send the return package to. You can also search for contact information on the company's website.

Return package to Vitality Club.
Send your package to the right receiver. To the right is an example of where to find the address on an invoice from Vitality Club.

This is what ECC Sweden can help you with

If you have problems with a trader in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, you can contact us at ECC Sweden for free advice or ask a question in our Q & A forum. For example, if you need help to find contact details to a company. However, we can not withdrawal purchases, terminate contracts, send claims for refund or send back return packages to the company for you.