Do not rush your online purchases on Black Friday


On 25 November, it is Black Friday. At the year's biggest sales day it is easy to get blinded by all the low prices and limited-time offers. "Stick to your shopping list, check pricing history and search for information about the company you plan to shop from," are the tips from ECC Sweden’s director Jolanda Girzl.

Watch out for Black Friday deals.

Hi Jolanda! This Friday it is Black Friday. How should I as a consumer think to not get caught up in the sales pressure online this day?
- It's easy to get stressed by all the countdown timers and super deals on e-commerce sites this day. On several e-commerce sites, you can already see timers showing how many hours and seconds are left until the year's biggest sales day starts. Many companies launch their first offers at midnight, and then launch new offers every hour. Stick to your shopping list or the budget you have set, and be sure that the sale price really is a sale price. Some traders may raise the price a couple of weeks before Black Friday and then lower it to the usual price again, but call it a sale price. Look at the price history on comparison sites, even international ones.

So if I find a website that sells super cheap designer jackets within my budget, I should make a deal?
- No, always be vigilant on extremely cheap offers, especially if you find a new e-commerce site. Just before Black Friday and Christmas, there might be many scam sites or e-commerce sites with counterfeit goodsSearch for information about the company before you make a purchase and read what others write about the company. The quickest way to get information is by doing a search in a search engine, like Google.

Once I decide to pay, what are the most safe alternatives?
- With invoice or credit card. Then you can withhold payments or request chargeback if something goes wrong with the purchase. Also check with your bank if you can geo block your card, ie block your card for certain regions. Then you can, if necessary, lock or unlock the card for purchases abroad. I think it works great.

If a purchase goes wrong, what should I do?
- If you have a problem with a purchase you should always contact the company in the first place. If you and the company can not solve it, you can contact us at ECC Sweden. We can help in cases where you have made a purchase from a company located outside Sweden in the EU, Norway or Iceland.

Finally. Are you going to buy something online during Black Friday?
- I will try to tick some Christmas gifts of my shopping list, but I will not make any spontaneous purchases.

Facts Black Friday

  • Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November. It derives from the United States, where it is the biggest sales day of the year, and many schools and businesses are closed.
  • In Sweden, 2013 was the first year Black Friday got highlighted. Sales online went up by 100 percent compared to a normal Friday. Most sold items were books, computer games and DVD:s.

Source: Leva och Bo, Expressen (in Swedish)