Candyonclick and Dentaldelivered on the Swedish Consumer Agency's blacklist


Today, the Swedish Consumer Agency published five new companies on its blacklist: Candyonclick, Coffeecable, Dentaldelivered, Dermamonthly and Shaverpack.

These companies have ended up on the list because many consumers have been lured into expensive subscriptions after having been offered different kinds of deals online.

Very often, an ad appears on Facebook, and it looks like the ad is from a different sender than it really is, for example, the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet.

Consumer electronics - 5 SEK

The ads offer consumer electronics, for example, a TV or a mobile phone for 5 SEK. The only way you can pay for this is by leaving your credit/debit card details. And when it is already too late you discover that you have ended up in a subscription for a product that you do not want or believe you have ordered, and where the company continues to withdraw 499 SEK from your account.

Behind the companies mentioned above is a Cypriot company, called Consumo Ltd.

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