Are you planning to go to Euro 2016 in France


On Friday 10 June, Euro 2016 starts in France. Are you planning to go there? Here are some tips, so that you will be able to enjoy your experience even more.


Avoid to buy tickets on the black market. Chances are you will pay over the odds, plus you run the risk of not gaining access to the stadium. Instead, book your tickets at UEFA'S official site. Read our checklist for buying event tickets for more information.


European legislation grants you rights in the event of cancellation or long delays. In addition to an obligation to provide information and assistance, (including a free travel alternative), transport companies should give you standard compensation, unless the delay or cancellation is due to force majeure, (extraordinary circumstances). Read more in the article Air travel.


Check the cancellation policy before booking accommodation. Find out in advance about the quality of the hotel and read reviews of previous visitors. Would you prefer to stay with private individuals, then watch out for scam practices: make your reservation through professional platforms. Choose payment by credit card and avoid bank transfers or cash payments (for example via Western Union. Read more in the article Holiday accommodation.

Renting a car?

Take these precautions:

  • Make sure you pay with credit card in the name of the driver and take it along with you.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing and check, in particular, if the vehicle-hire company has not charged you additional services or insurance without your knowledge.
  • Document any deficiencies related to the car before you take possession of it. And certainly do the same when you return it.
  • If you break down or have an accident en route, immediately contact the vehicle-hire company and follow the proposed procedure.

Regardless of whether you are renting a car or drive your own - follow the traffic rules on the French roads. You do not want to risk finding a fine in your letter box when you return home. Read more in the article  To travel by car.

Online shopping

If you are looking for the right football outfit online, the beware of fakes! Do not be too hasty in buying your outfit. Beware of attractive prices. You risk confiscation of your purchase and you may also have problems with the holder of the counterfeit brand. Read more on counterfeit products.


In the event of an acute terrorist threat, matches can be postponed, can take place in another stadium or can be played without spectators. In the latter case, your best bet is to ask for a refund of the tickets.

Should a problem occur, you are welcome to contact ECC Sweden.