Are you dating online this fall?


November 12 is the “Day for the broken hearted". Have you decided to give love another chance online? Here we give you tips on what you should keep in mind before signing up on a dating site.

Woman in coach with computer. Photo: Johnér.

Today there are lots of different dating sites online that allow you to start the search for your new love at home in your living room. In the frenzy to find a soulmate, many unfortunately miss out to read the fine print in the contracts, which may result in costly long-term subscriptions that are difficult to cancel.

Free services are rarely free

Many times, a dating service appear to be free. It is not until you read the fine print in the contract that you realize that the service is not for free. For example, it may be free to look at a limited number of profiles, but that activities such as 'liking' profiles, contact a certain number of people and so on are charged.

Can be expensive to terminate membership

Many dating agencies apply an automatic renewal of the membership, sometimes by several months, which you rarely discover until you check your bank account. Often, you by then have used the dating service for such a long time that you are not allowed to get your money back if you want to withdraw or terminate the agreement.

Before you create a profile on an online dating site, take help of our checklist below.

Checklist for dating sites

  • Before you accept or pay: always read the terms and conditions carefully, including the fine print. A dating service that is seems to be free or affordable can be costly in the end. Look for information about the right to cancel or terminate the agreement and how to do it.
  • Check up on how long the membership term is and whether it will be renewed automatically after a certain time. If so, check when and what you must do if you do not want to remain a member. The membership is the time you have access to the page, and the minimum time you have to pay even if you no longer want to be a member.
  • If possible, take screenshots of all steps in the agreement process and save the contract terms. A web page can change rapidly, making it difficult to prove what information you had at the time you accepted the agreement.
  • Once you register on the site: wait to receive the order confirmation and read it carefully. Make sure what is written there meet your expectations on the dating service.
  • Pay by credit card and check your bank account so that the company does not withdraw more money than what you agreed on.

More information

You find more tips and advice in our article about dating websites. You having problems with an online dating agency in another country within the EU? Then you can contact us at ECC Sweden for free advice or ask a question on our Q & A website (in Swedish).