Alektum may stop collecting debts on Vitality Club's behalf


The debt collecting agency, Alektum, has stated to the Swedish Consumer Agency, that they will not continue to collect debts on behalf of Vitality Club, if the consumer opposes the claim.

Alektum has been hired by the Estonian trader Vitality Club, to collect debts on their behalf. Vitality Club is an online based company, who markets sample packages, consisting, supplements and beauty products, among other things.

Consumers have stated to ECC Sweden and the Swedish Consumer Agency, that they have ended up in involuntary subscriptions of supplements or beauty products, thinking that they have only ordered samples.

According to new information, Alektum will stop collecting debts against consumers who oppose them claim, if they state that they feel that they have been scammed.

Vitality Club has been on the Swedish Consumer Agency's black list (Swedish) for some time.