News archive 2016

Many consumers dissatisfied with delivery from Voga

NEWS. If you have not received your goods - do this.

Europeans believe that the EU should take more decisions

NEWS. But Swedes do not agree.

Businesses feel cheated

NEWS. Many complaints to Hallå Konsument.

Candyonclick and Dentaldelivered on the Swedish Consumer Agency's blacklist

NEWS. 5 SEK for a TV leads to expensive subscription.

Are you going to Rio 2016

NEWS. Consumer tips from the ECC-Net.

An increase of EU countries who do not follow the law

NEWS. 1368 infringement procedures last year.

Lowcosttravelgroup Has Stopped Doing Business

NEWS. UPDATED. Consumers may be forced to pay for their trip twice.

Alektum may stop collecting debts on Vitality Club's behalf

NEWS. If you feel you have been scammed.

Air passenger tax on flights from Norwegian airports

NEWS. With effect from 1 June 2016.

Are you planning to go to Euro 2016 in France

NEWS. Here are tips for the event.