5 tips on how to plan your autumn holiday trip in Europe


Are you planning a family trip during autumn break? Here are five things to keep in mind when planning a family vacation in Europe - and what to do if you come across unpleasant surprises.

1. Flights

Make sure to arrive at the airport well in advance so you have time to check in before departure. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with departure times and gates - even if there are changes. If the flight is delayed or cancelled, or something happens to your luggage, you are entitled to assistance at the airport and may be entitled to compensation. For more information, please read the article air travel.

2. Accommodation

Today there are many hotels that have children free zones or do not allow children at all. Therefore, read the agreement rules carefully before booking accommodation - particularly the sections about cancelling your accommodation. If you are not satisfied with the accommodation, you should complain directly to the renter on site so that he or she has a chance to remediate during your stay. Read more about accommodation in the article holiday accommodation.

3. Car rental

If you are planning to rent a car you may want to compare prices and book online before departure. Equipment such as child seats or GPS may not be available or can be expensive if you book on the spot. Carefully read the contract rules before you make a reservation. Use our checklist for car rental (in Swedish) when planning which car rental company to hire from.

4. Counterfeit goods

If you are planning a shopping trip with your teenager, please be observant of cheap designer clothes. If the price is remarkably low – it is most likely counterfeit goods and you risk paying an excessive price. In Italy, you can be fined up to €10 000 if you are caught buying counterfeit products. Read more about the rules that apply to counterfeit goods in different EU countries.

5. Timeshares

Are you travelling frequently with your family and have been thinking about buying a property abroad? Be on your guard if you are offered Timeshares or shared accommodation. This type of accommodation is often sold by using extremely aggressive sales methods and the agreements can be very difficult to withdraw from. If your intention still is to buy such a property – read more about things to consider when buying Timeshares.

Still having questions?

If still in need of more information, please feel welcome to contact ECC Sweden.