5 scary e-commerce scenarios during Halloween


Now is the time for the scariest holiday of the year! Are you going to buy your costume online? Here are the five most dreadful e-commerce scenarios during Halloween, and what you can do to avoid them.

Halloween pumpkins.

1. You order from a fraudster

Found a favourite outfit on a new website? Check that the company name, address, email address and phone numbers are printed on the website. If the contact information is missing, you should perhaps look for your costume with a different company. Read on various forums what other consumers have written about the company.

2. The costume does not match your expectations

Does the costume look very upscale to an unusually low price? Refrain from buying if quality or the price makes you suspicious. Carefully read the product information, others consumer reviews and check your right to withdrawal if you would like to change or return the costume. Read more about your right of withdrawal within the EU.

3. You do not get your costume in time

When are you going to wear the Halloween costume? Check how long the delivery time is so you can be sure that to get it in time for the Halloween party. If you do not receive the goods on time, you might be enabled to cancel the purchase and get your money back. Read more about your rights for delivery time.

4. It was more expensive than you had thought

Have you found a cool costume on a foreign e-commerce website? Remember that when you buy from a company outside the EU, such as US, other rules apply and you may have to pay customs duties, VAT and other taxes. Read more about shopping online outside EU.

5. Your credit card information gets stolen or your purchase goes bad

Before you shop online - make sure firewall and antivirus software is correctly installed on your computer, tablet or mobile. When you pay - make sure there is a padlock in the URL field (which begin with https: //) and pay by credit card. If you pay by credit card, you can turn to your bank if something goes wrong and the company refuses to help you. Read more about chargeback.

Need more information?

You get more tips in our checklist for e-commerce. Need advice before making a purchase online, or got a purchase problem with a company within the EU? Contact us at ECC Sweden!