Your rights in an airline strike


Over the weekend the pilots and cabin crew of two Scandinavian airline companies went on a strike. The protest may be expanded in the upcoming days. Here are your rights if you are affected by a cancelled or delayed flight.

It is the pilots of airline company Norwegian and the cabin crew of its competitor SAS who are currently on a strike. The reason for the strike is a widespread dissatisfaction with their respective employers – and the longer the strike lasts, more and more air passengers are at risk.

Air passenger rights are governed by an EU regulation. It applies to the entire EU as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. The regulation applies even when a strike is the reason for a delay or cancellation.

If you are affected by the current air strike, there are mainly three rights to keep track on:

  1. Your right to cancellation or refund of the ticket.
  2. Your right to food and drink.
  3. Your right to hotel.

Keep in mind that if you choose a refund of the ticket, the airline has no longer any obligation to pay for hotel or food.

You can find more information about your rights in the articles Delayed flight and Cancelled flight. To find out if your particular flight is affected by the strike, please contact the airline you plan to travel with. Links are located in the right column of the page.