Time for Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna


Preparations began weeks ago and fans are already on site in Vienna, awaiting this years final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. Are you also planning to go? Here is a simple practical guide, provided by ECC Austria.

Picture of Vienna Stadthalle, the location of 2015 years ESC.

Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2015 is a highlight not only for Austrian music lovers, but schlager fans from all over Europe are expected to participate in the many side events or one of the shows in Vienna this week.

ECC Austria has collected the most important information for European consumers who plan a trip to the Austrian capital for the ESC.


The ESC have made ecological responsibility a priority, and has therefore teamed up with the Austrian Railroad Company ÖBB in order to offer special combined tickets for the occasion. 

For those who want to travel to Vienna by plane, the Austrian Airlines offer passengers to donate for climate protection projects in order to neutralise the CO2 emissions produced due to the flight,

Stay in Vienna

On a booking platform especially established for the ESC, last-minute travellers can search for an accommodation for their stay in Vienna. Another sufficient source of information is the website Austria.info that provides tips regarding hotel, sights and restaurants.

Tickets for the ESC can be used as tickets for public transportation in Vienna as well, and they are valid four hours before and after the respective show. 

Event locations

All broadcasted shows will be held in the Vienna Stadthalle, while side events will take place all over Vienna. A list of the best locations (in German) is available from the website of ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster who hosts this year's ESC.

The most important location besides the Stadthalle is the Viennese Rathausplatz by the town hall, where every participating country has its own pavilion. All information to the events in the Eurovision Village can be found here (in German).

Tickets are still available

For eight of the nine shows of the Eurovision Song Contest, tickets are still available. Fans are advised to regularly visit the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the ESC in order to get updated information.

In order to reduce the effects of the black market with its highly overpriced tickets, consumers are advised to only buy tickets to the ESC shows from official vendors. These are:

Help from the ECC

The ECC-Net Travel App provides support for consumers who experience troubles with traders during a journey. The app displays the most important sentences in the respective language of your destination, for the sake of enabling consumers to assert their claims.

Further information is available in the press release ECC launches new travel app.

UPDATE: Some of the links in the article is no longer active, as the event has been conducted (editor's note, 2015-01-08).