Consider this when travelling to Greece


Greece has adopted major austerity measures. Here follows updated information if you plan to visit the country.

From Monday 20 July onwards, all banks are open like normal in Greece. Asset control is still taking place, but it only affects Greek bank accounts. Tourists visiting the country can, as before, withdraw cash with their debit- and credit cards. The maximum amount is the amount which the consumer has agreed with the bank in his or hers home country.

Debit- and credit cards can be used as regular payment in shops that have point of sale machines (POS) installed. A trader can not deny a consumer who wants to make payments by card. If this happens, you should report it to ECC Greece, the local police or the tourist police.

It is still not allowed to make capital or cash transfers from Greece to accounts in foreign banks. The only exception are transfers for educational or medical expenses.

Further information about the current situation in Greece is available from the Swedish embassy in Athens.