The airline Avies has been declared bankrupt


The Estonian airline Avies has been declared bankrupt. The airline has operated a number of routes in Sweden, as well as between Stockholm and Tallinn.

The airline Avies has been struggling for some time, and has been forced to cancel several flights, even before the recent threat of bankruptcy. This occurred after the company lost the right to fly on three routes in Sweden. A fairly large number of Swedish passengers are therefore awaiting compensation for cancelled flights.

Avies was declared bankrupt on June 26, after Swedish suppliers reported that they have not received payment for their claims. Your chance of getting a refund for unused flight tickets as a consumer is mainly due to the form of payment when you bought your ticket.

How to get your money back

If you have paid by credit card, there may be an opportunity to get your money back by contacting your creditor. If you have paid by debit card or online banking, you can turn to the bank. It is important to do this as soon as possible, as the deadline for voluntary short complaint is short.

If you have paid the ticket any other way you can turn to the bankruptcy trustee with your claim. Claims against the debtor, which arose before the declaration of bankruptcy, must be made to the trustee Veli Kraavi at the latest on August 26. The trustee can be reached at OÜ Advokaadibüroo Kraavi & Partnerid, Tatari 25, 10116 Tallinn or by e-mail at 

Further assistance

ECC Sweden is in contact with its colleague ECC Estonia, and is available for help and advice free of charge. You can find ECC Sweden's contact information here. If you have questions about the bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, you are welcome to turn directly to the trustee.

Avies website still works as usual and it also seems possible to book tickets. The Swedish Consumer Agency and ECC Sweden strongly advise against buying tickets from Avies, as it is not probable that the company will be able to carry through any upcoming flights.