Wearing swimwear on the street might be risky


Think twice before you throw your clothes off on your holiday – or else it might cost you. ECC Sweden has listed some of the rules that apply, when wearing swimwear to some of the most popular holiday resorts.

Many Swedes will surely spend their vacation in Spain, France or perhaps Italy. But beware with your choice of clothing while walking the city streets.

Spain, France and Italy have all introduced guidelines for how people are allowed to dress outside the beach. This has happened due to the fact that many tourists visit restaurants, bars and shops with very little clothes in their body.

Here is what some of the clothing laws state in Spain, France and Italy:

  • Wearing bikini, swimsuit or swimwear on streets and roads in Mallorca, which is not in direct connection to the beach, can give you a fine of up to 570 euros.
  • If you throw away parts of your swimwear in Barcelona, ​​you're risking fines of between 100 and 250 euros, depending on how challenging your nudity is.
  • Are you planning to sunbath in Paris? You better go visit the artificial beach Seine, as it is the only park in the city where you can dress in swimwear. Showing up topless can become expensive though – it can cost you as much as 3 000 euros in fines, and even lead to imprisonment.
  • Even in Italy, it can be costly to show too much skin off the beach. In Riccione you can be fined upwards of 50 euros. A similar prohibition also applies in Lipari, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi.