Sweden second-best online within the EU


The European Commission has presented an index that reflects how well the Internet and other digital services are developed in each EU country. Denmark receives the highest rating, with Sweden as a close second.

The index, where the European Commission ranks the member countries based on their presence online and their digital economies, is compiled by 30 indicators in five main categories. The five categories measure

  • Internet connection
  • digital skills
  • integration of digital technology
  • digital public services
  • online activities.

Congrats Denmark!

The winner in the new ranking is Denmark, with Sweden as a strong number two and the Netherlands and Finland on a shared third place. Sweden's high rating is mainly due to our well-developed broadband – 99 percent of the population has access to fixed networks – and that we are busiest in Europe when it comes to reading news, paying bills and buying stuff online.

The two countries with the lowest rating are also Europe's poorest; namely Bulgaria and Romania. According to the European Commission three out of four EU citizens are online daily, but the frequency varies among the different countries.