Stricter controls for air travellers await


New security rules for air passengers, in Sweden and other EU-countries, have been introduced. The new rules apply until February 2017.

Since the beginning of March this year, a new procedure for screening hand luggage have been in use. This change was made in order detect traces of explosives with the help of ETD-equipment (Explosive Trace Detection). 

From mid-August and until February 2017, security controls with ETD-equipment also applies to air passenger. Checks will be done randomly and apply to both passengers and their luggage.

How does it work?

Clothes, shoes and/or cabin luggage might get wipe tested and then analyzed. The check only takes a few minutes and does not damage clothes, shoes nor luggage. If the test turns out negative the passenger is free to board immediately, otherwise further inspection awaits.

The rules of the ETD is based on the common EU-regulation requirements and covers all EU-airports.

Read more at the Swedish Transport Agency's website (in Swedish).