Skandigo up for dissolution


Skandigo is facing dissolution due to the fact that their annual report has not been handed in, according to ECC Denmark.

The travel agent Skandigo has caused problems for many Swedish consumers this past summer, and these are the latest news on the matter.

According to our sister office ECC Denmark, the dissolution might amount to a bankruptcy. If so, an estate manager will be appointed and the consumers can direct their claims towards the estate.

What happens next

However, the Danish Business Authority is experiencing technical difficulties which means that they have to process every dissolution individually and manually. This is what causes the delay with Skandigo and they are not sure at what point they will get to them. 

Our Danish colleagues have tried to contact the company to mediate an amicable solution between the company and its customers but has so far been unsuccessful in doing so. We will keep posting information on how consumers should proceed, as soon as we have gotten a definitive answer from the authorities in Denmark.