Registry to prevent car frauds


Do you want to make sure that the car you're about to import comes without any remarks from the exporting country? Then take a look at the European automobile and driver's license registry, EUCARIS.

The Dutch transport authority were the promoters of EUCARIS, the European Car and Driving Licence Information System, back in 1994. The aim, then as well as now, was to exchange information about cars and driving licenses across the European borders.

Today, all EU countries are connected to the system, as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. All cars that are exported across European borders are checked against the EUCARIS registry, in order to prevent insurance fraud and to ensure that the car has not been stolen.

Offers simplicity to the police

The EUCARIS registry is not just a welcome support for consumers, it also benefits the domestic police. For instance, it is possible to control if a person is affected by any traffic-related prohibitions in another country, before a new license is issued.

It is also worth noting that through the EUCARIS registry, the police are able to recover traffic fines issued in an other country to the one where the car owner resides. The police can also easily screen foreign drivers at roadside inspections and such.

More information on the matter is available from EUCARIS website.