Pirated goods are all over – even in the Christmas commerce


The Swedes are buying pirated gadgets for more than seven billions per year, according to a recent report from PRV. The increase in e-commerce, especially at Christmas, is a contributing factor to the high figure.

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV, collaborates with the Swedish Customs, the Swedish Police, the Medical Products Agency, The Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish Consumer Agency / ECC Sweden to inform the public about the risks and consequences of buying and selling pirated goods.

Organized crime is often behind the trading and manufacturing of counterfeit clothing, toys and cosmetics, according to PRV's report. The underlying reason for the low price is often child labour under poor conditions as well as the fact that the materials are not of the same safety and quality as the original.

Pay attention when shopping online

It is not very common to find copies in established stores – the vast majority of pirated goods can be found online today. The fact that more and more people buy goods online, Christmas presents included, makes sure that the illegal trade with copied and plagiarized products thrives.

– We have noticed that complaints concerning counterfeit products has increased in recent years. It is especially important to be cautious when shopping from foreign websites. Regarding piracy, there is no one responsible for the goods being safe or even manufactured properly, says Jolanda Girzl, Head of ECC Sweden.