Pending strike in Iceland might cause big problems


According to ECC Iceland it is an imminent risk that a large part of Iceland's workforce goes on strike in early June. This is how you as a touristing consumer might be affected.

The Icelandic unions have threatened with strike for about a week, but today the start date was delayed, according to ECC Sweden's colleague ECC Iceland.

To begin with, one by one profession will go on strike from June 2. If the negotiations still have not landed by June 11, all employees in four different unions will be levied on strike. The plan is as follows:

  • June 2 to 3: Employees of bus companies
  • June 4 to 5: Employees of hotels and other accommodations
  • June 5 to 6: Employees at air terminals
  • June 7 to 8: Employees of shipping companies and convenience stores
  • June 9 to 10: Employees of oil companies

From June 11 until further notice, all employees of the unions Icelandic Union of Commercial and Office Workers (VR), Commercial Federation of Iceland (LÍV), the umbrella union including catering workers, factory workers, labourers and seamen (Flóabandalagið), Icelandic Association of Academics (BHM) and Icelandic Professional Trade Association (SGS) will be on a strike.

The strikes can have considerable effects on international and domestic flights. According to European regulation passengers do have certain rights if strikes occur. More information about this is available in the article Cancelled flight.