Norwegian tour operator bankrupt


The Norwegian tour operator Go International AS, who has been promoted by Groupon, has filed for bankruptcy. Here is how to proceed if you are affected.

The company Go International AS was active in the travel industry and based in Norway, but last week the company applied for bankruptcy according to Kammarkollegiet; Sweden's public authority for commercial undertakings.

Go International AS has among other things been selling package holidays through the Swedish company Groupon, which means that numerous Swedes might be affected by the recent bankruptcy.

Ways of being reimbursed

Consumers who have booked a travel with Go International AS through a Swedish retailer, you might benefit from the Swedish company's travel guarantee. If this applies to you, your first step should be to contact the retailer in order to try to get your money back. 

If the retailer is unable to help you, you can make a request for reimbursement to Resegarantinämnden; the Swedish travel guarantee board. Applications must be made within three months of the journey being cancelled or suspended. For more information on how to apply for compensation, please visit Kammarkollegiet's website.