New information regarding bankrupt Interior Addict


Recently, the web-based furniture company KMA Republic/Interior Addict declared bankrupt. The following is advice for those who have been affected by non-delivered goods.

The European Consumer Centres have received many cases involving consumers who has made orders with KMA Republic/Interior Addict, without receiving any goods. Earlier this year the company, which is based in the UK, declared bankrupt.

The British bankruptcy trustee has been commissioned to continue to operate the company*, to safeguard assets and help both the company and the involved customers. Have you been affected by non-delivered goods? Then you can fill out this form, which is also available next to the article, and then e-mail it to the bankruptcy trustee on this email address

If you have difficulties understanding what the different items on the form means, we have developed a Swedish translation that might be helpful.

Consumers who have completed and e-mailed the document will later be contacted and kept up to date in the process. According to the bankruptcy trustee, it is not possible to estimate whether nor how much compensation will be disbursed.

Do you have questions about the case, please contact ECC Sweden by phone or e-mail. You can also find contact information next to this article.

*Footnote: Interior Addict is now being run in form that is called "in administration" in the UK, and the nearest corresponding word in Swedish is bankrupt. The aim is to try to achieve a better financial outcome for all parties, than if you undertook an immediate liquidation.