Lufthansa invites passengers to provide mobile number


Lufthansa is once again threatened by a strike. As a preventive measure the airline calls for passengers to register a mobile phone number, to facilitate the communication.

This time it is Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organization (UFO), the German union of air hostesses, who are preparing a strike against their employer Lufthansa.

It is said that the strike will last Thursday, November 26, Friday, November 27 and Monday, November 30, but as yet no concrete strike action has been presented.

This applies to you as a consumer

Because of the threatening strike, Lufthansa invites its passengers to register a mobile phone number. In this way the passengers will receive automatic notifications of any changes regarding their flight.

The German airline also states that they have introduced a so-called goodwill policy towards their passengers. This means that if you suffer from a cancelled flight due to a strike you can rebook or cancel your trip free of charge.

More information is available on Lufthansa's website (in English).

UPDATE! According to information from Lufthansa, the UFO union has agreed with the airline's management to immediately cancel the announced strike. UFO agrees to refrain from strikes to and including December 2 (editor's note 25 / 11-15).