Know this before travelling to Greece


The popular tourist country Greece has great difficulties financially, which might affect anyone going there in the near future. Make sure to bring different payment options, is the call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Greece is currently undergoing a major economic crisis. Therefore, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) urge travellers going to Greece to make sure that they bring different options for payment, both spare cash and credit and/or debit cards. It is also important to check that you are travelling with a valid travel insurance.

The currency of Greece is the euro. It is more common to pay by cash in Greece than in Sweden, particularly in rural areas. Over the weekend there were many ATMs, mainly in Athens, which was emptied of cash and it is still unclear whether they will be refilled.

According to MFA, some restaurants and gas stations has stopped accepting credit card payments, and they only accept cash. Travellers are encouraged to stay informed by following the news flow.

Further information can be obtained from the Swedish Embassy in Athens (in Swedish).