International cooperation is needed to fight fraudsters online


Fraud and scam ads on the internet poses problems for many consumers, and when the retailer is situated in a country outside the EU it is difficult to get to them. This is one of the points made in the 2015 edition of the Consumer Report, issued by the Swedish Consumer Agency.

The Consumer Report is an annual survey conducted by the Swedish Consumer Agency, which examines various parts of the market for goods and services each year. This year's report focuses on the problems we encounter when buying goods and services from foreign companies online, and also while on vacation abroad. 

The report shows that nearly 80 percent of Swedes shop online, but the majority prefer to shop from retailers based in Sweden. The reluctance to make purchases from foreign online stores is based on a fear of being defrauded, according to the report. 

Many opportunities are missed

This means that many consumers miss the opportunity to benefit from a wider choice and perhaps more favourable prices. According to the Consumer Report, Sweden needs to develop its international cooperation to better be able to work against irresponsible retailers – and ultimately to increase confidence among consumers when it comes to trading with retailers abroad.

ECC Sweden is the one unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency that currently collaborates with foreign authorities and offer assistance to consumers shopping cross-border within the EU, Norway and Iceland, but the report shows that there is more to do in the area.

For more information about the 2015 Consumer Report, please visit the Swedish Consumer Agency's web page.