Information regarding travel agent Skandigo


ECC Sweden are receiving many questions from consumers concerning Skandigo Rejser ApS from Denmark. Here follows information on how to act as a consumer.

According to the consumers that are making contact with ECC Sweden, they have booked hotels through Skandigo but it has later turned out that the hotel has not received payment from the consumer via Skandigo. If the consumer wants to stick with the reservation they have been forced to make a payment to the hotel once more.

Skandigo's website is no longer running and it is not possible to make any new reservations. Consumers have also stated that the company is unreachable through its costumer service. ECC Sweden recommend afflicted consumers to send a complaint to and ask for a refund. Remember to save e-mails and other documents to prove your conversation with the company.

Contact your bank

According to the complaints that has reached ECC Sweden, Skandigo only sold hotel stays, which means that it is not possible to get compensation from the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund. This because the company only sells hotel accommodation and do not need to offer any travel guarantee.

Consumers who have paid by credit card can make a complaint to the bank and ask for a refund from the creditor, with reference to § 29 of the Consumer Credit Act. Although the payment was made with a debit card, you should contact your bank to examine the possibility of a refund under bank's internal rules and card issuer's terms and conditions.

Possible bankruptcy

Many consumers report that Skandigo has gone into bankruptcy. ECC Sweden can not confirm this. ECC Sweden will keep updating its information about the company, and as soon as we receive information about a possible bankruptcy and a bankruptcy trustee, we will post it on our website and on social media.

ECC Sweden can help you with a mediation with Skandigo, through our sister office in Denmark. If you want us to handle your case, you can file a complaint using our complaint form or by sending an email to

Do not forget to attach your order confirmation, proof of payment, a certificate from the hotel that claims that the stay is not paid by Skandigo Rejser ApS and your complaint with the request for reimbursement to the company.