Information regarding the plane crash in France


Yesterday, Europe suffered a terrible plane crash when a plane from the German airline Germanwings went down in France. Important information for you as an air passenger follows.

The accident, which occurred in the French Alps on Tuesday morning, will naturally have an impact on the continued air traffic of the airline Germanwings. Some of the company's flights were cancelled yesterday, due to the fact that the company's own employees were victims of the accident, and it is expected that the cancellations will continue over the next few days. 

According to ECC France it has been stated that if you are planning a trip with Germanwings in the near future, but you feel insecure due to the resent events, you will be offered to reschedule or cancel your flight free of charge. If this applies to you, please contact your tour operator as soon as possible.

More information and current telephone numbers are available from Germanwings website.