German order forces VW to recall 8.5 million cars


Germany's transport authority has ordered a recall of all Volkswagen cars that are affected by the much talked about emissions cheat. According to EU rules the recall affects all Volkswagen vehicles within the Union.

Close-up of the steering wheel in a Volkswagen.

Volkswagen have to recall all diesel cars whose software has been manipulated to circumvent emissions rules and sold in the EU. This is according to a decision by the German federal transport authority, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt.

An EU rule allows cars to be automatically recalled from all EU countries, when one of the member states orders a national recall. This means that a total of 8.5 million Volkswagen vehicles are affected by the German announcement.

The cars must be rectified by 2016

The German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt has requested that Volkswagen will take appropriate measures at no cost for the consumers, to ensure that the specified emissions regulations are followed at the latest by the end of 2016.

According to German media, the German transport authority rejected a proposal by Volkswagen of a voluntary recall of its vehicles, before the decision of a all-embracing recall was made.

This applies to Swedish consumers

The Swedish transport agency will maintain a dialogue with Volkswagen Sweden about how the recall will be conducted in Sweden. According to Volkswagen, the corrective measures – which may involve both software and hardware – will begin in January 2016.

You can check if your diesel vehicle is affected by the recall on Volkswagen's Swedish website (in Swedish).