Consumers cancel purchases because of shipping costs


Consumers cancel purchases as a result of shipping costs

E-commerce is growing more and more. But one in five consumers choose to cancel the purchase as a result of shipping costs. According to a Nordic survey, by YouGov, every fifth consumer never get trough with the online shopping because of the shipping costs.

Finland is lagging behind

The survey also shows that three out of five consumers from Scandinavia are shopping online at least once a month. Finland is lagging behind and only two out of five are shopping frequently online.

The most purchased services and goods from the Swedes, according to the survey, are:

  • Travel, 58 percent
  • Tickets, 57 percent
  • Clothing, 53 percent
  • Books, 44 percent
  • Interior decoration, home furnishing, 29 percent

Read the survey in its entirety (Swedish)