More Swedes buy their drugs online


Many Swedes buy drugs online, but few know the symbol which shows that the pharmacy is actually approved. This according to a new survey conducted by the Medical Products Agency in Sweden.

Symbol that represents safe pharmacies.

Last year, 76 percent of all Swedes bought products on the internet. Of those, ten percent bought dietary supplements or pharmaceutical products in Sweden or abroad, according to a large survey by the The Medical Products Agency in Sweden. 

Today there are internet pharmacies in other EU-countries that sell prescription drugs with a so-called "online consultation". It does not violate regulations and also occurs among Swedish sites.

Very few recognize the symbol

By purchasing drugs from a licensed pharmacy in Sweden or abroad, who has the national pharmacy symbol, you know that the drugs you buy is of good quality. The survey shows that only 31 percent recognize the symbol, which is shown at the top of this article.

Approved Swedish pharmacies are recognized by the national pharmacy symbol, as each pharmacy – including pharmacies online – must advertise. A new EU-common symbol for internet pharmacies, approved in member countries, is launched July 1st.