Beware while shopping in Cyprus


As only the southern part of Cyprus is a member state of the EU, problems can arise when consumers try to bring goods that's not in conformity with EU standards across the border.

Image of the Marina in Limassol city in Cyprus.

We have previously reported that the municipalities in Italy have been conducting special awareness campaigns in different languages this summer, in order to inform tourists about the dangers that are caused to the local economy and to consumer health and safety through the sale of counterfeit goods.

Similar problems may arise when visiting Cyprus. The island is divided into two, with only the southern part, the Republic of Cyprus, being a member state of the EU. For this reason special EU regulations apply to anyone importing goods from the northern part of the island into the Republic of Cyprus.

The bargain may end up costing  

Consumers can be stopped by customs on the border, and if the goods appear to be counterfeit or not in conformity with EU standards they may be confiscated by the Cypriot authorities to investigate their authenticity. So that bargain may end up costing you dear.  

More information on the practicalities is available in the article Goods stopped at customs.