Beware of fake products on your vacation


Have you purchased pirated handbags or watches from a beach or street vendor? Beware, because you might be committing a crime even if you did not know that the goods were pirated or stolen.

During the summertime, many Swedes are spending their holiday overseas. But be careful when you shop. Buying a pirated copy or stolen goods, especially in Italy, may result in penalties such as imprisonment and fines. Whether the consumer is aware that the item is stolen or not. The same applies to pirated goods.

Abstain from buying goods

If you are offered to purchase a designer bag on the street or from a beach vendor, or through an unauthorized website, it is most likely that the product is stolen or counterfeit. The recommendation is then not to buy the product.

Why should you avoid buying a pirated copy?

Piracy negatively affects the authorized dealers and helps to create unfair conditions. Many counterfeit products do not meet safety requirements and may in some cases pose health risks.

How to recognize a pirated copy

  • Look closely at the seams and labels, they are often sewn incorrectly and appear sloppy. Check that the trademark is spelled correctly and that no details of the logo is missing.
  • Make sure it's the same brand on the package of the purchased product. Expensive fashion products are seldom sold with a plastic packaging.
  • Read the labels and washing instructions, they are often misspelled.
  • Do not take the dealer's word for granted. A claim that goods come from the same factory as the original is rarely true.

For further questions please contact our sister office ECC Italy in Bolzano, via email or on telephone 0039 0471 980939.

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