Be cool when using your mobile abroad


Are you going to travel abroad this summer? Then there are several things to look out for, in order to avoid expensive bills when you return home. The following are the top advice from The Swedish Consumer Agency, the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) and the Telecom Advisors.

Using your mobile abroad is usually much more expensive than your regular use in Sweden. All types of mobile phone use abroad (calling, texting and surfing) can quickly lead to high costs.

All operators should therefore offer a free locking function for surfing with mobile phone or mobile broadband, if you use your Swedish subscription in another EU country. The lock means that you will automatically get a warning when the sum is approaching a limit of 50 euros or 580 crowns.

– You will receive a warning when you approach your surf limit. If you do not notify the operator that you wish to continue browsing after the warning, the service will be locked. Think twice before you remove the lock, since the cost of surfing abroad can quickly become very high, says Cecilia Norlander, legal advisor at The Swedish Consumer Agency.

More tips for the traveller

  • Your operator must inform you about the current price of using your mobile or and tablet when travelling outside the EU. Even though, make sure to check with your operator before you travel just in case, as additional pricing and conditions might apply.
  • Keep in mind that services and applications in your mobile or tablet can automatically keep browsing outside your home country, without notifying you. Close all applications that require data transfer before travelling, to avoid extra costs.
  • Turn off the ability to connect to a foreign operator (so-called roaming), especially if you are not sure what the cost of this is.