Almedal seminar on piracy


How can the authorities and organizations to work together to limit piracy? This is discussed when the Government network against piracy organize a seminar during the Almedalen week in Gotland.

The seminar is held on 30 June in Visby, and is organized by the Government network against piracy, which consists of the ECC Sweden/Swedish Consumer Agency, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the Police Authority, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and Swedish Customs.

In addition to the question of how agencies and organizations can work together to limit piracy, there will also be a discussion on how to raise awareness in order for consumers to feel a greater sense of security when shopping.

The seminar participants

Benjamin Winsner, lawyer and specialist in intellectual property law, begins the seminar with facts and concrete examples of piracy cases.

A panel consisting of Patrick Krassén, intellectual property manager at Swedish Enterprise, Johan Eriksson, head of development at the Swedish Digital Trade, Jolanda Girzl, head of ECC Sweden, Marie Kerttu, researcher at the Medical Products Agency and Per Holgersson, national specialist in intellectual property law at the Swedish Customs will discuss what can be done to combat piracy. Moderator is Pia Sjögren.

Useful information

Seminar Title: Piracy – a growing social problem

Date and time: Tuesday, June 30 at 3–4 P.M.

Local: GRASP Studio, Norra Kyrkogatan 3 in Visby (next to Hotel Helgeand)