Air strike in France affects Swedish travellers


French air traffic controllers went on strike today, and the country's aviation authority has therefore asked airlines to cancel 40 percent of its flights.

It is the largest trade union for air traffic controllers i France, SNCTA, who has initiated the strike in an attempt to stop the suggested raise in retirement age for its members. The French aviation authority, DGAC, has asked the airlines flying to and from France to cancel 40 per cent of its departures on Wednesday.

The strike is expected to last from April 8 to April 9 2015, and the DGAC has asked the air traffic controllers' union specify how air traffic will be affected on Thursday no later than Wednesday morning. If necessary, the strike may be extended with an additional nine days spread across April and May.

Make contact with the airline

So far, several departures from both Arlanda and Landvetter to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has been cancelled, which is directly liable to affect Swedish travellers.

If you are affected by the strike in any way, your are asked to contact the airline company from whom you have booked your tickets. Learn more about your rights when a flight is delayed or cancelled via the links in the text, or through the sidebar of the article.

Update: The French aviation authority, DGAC, has confirmed that they have asked airlines to reduce their air traffic by 50 percent tomorrow, April 9. This is a result of the continuing strike.