News archive 2015

No more data roaming charges within EU

NEWS. Within a few years the digital boundaries in EU will be gone.

Lufthansa pilots to the negotiating table

NEWS. The conflict heading towards a solution.

Consider this when travelling to Greece

NEWS. Updated information for anyone planning to visit the country.

Beware of fake products on your vacation

NEWS. Your latest bargain may lead to unexpected costs and consequences.

Information regarding travel agent Skandigo

NEWS. Many consumers have questions about the company.

Consumer ombudsman files lawsuit against Norwegian

NEWS. The problems with Norwegian remains. The Swedish Consumer Agency now sues the company.

Swedish consumption top five in the EU

Sweden comes in fifth place in a consumption measurement.

The airline Avies has been declared bankrupt

NEWS. This is how to claim a refund for unused tickets.

Danish strike might affect Ryanairs passengers

NEWS. The union is threatening to hinder Ryanair from leaving Copenhagen airport.

New information regarding bankrupt Interior Addict

NEWS. Fill out a form if you made orders with KMA Republic/Interior Addict without receiving any goods.