Slovakian airline declared bankrupt


The company Vip Wings, which operated the Slovakian airline Danube Wings, has been declared bankrupt. The bankruptcy procedure has started and afflicted consumers are urged to come out with their debts.

The first option for consumers is to turn to a lawyer. This is a good option because the application has to be filled in extremely carefully. Also only application in Slovak language will be accepted. The Slovak Bar Association can be contacted in order to find a proper lawyer.

The second option for consumers is to fill in the application by themselves. The forms must be filled in very precisely in Slovak, because any missing information or column filled in improperly causes nullity and invalidity of the application and results in rejection.

Either way, consumers are asked to fill in the attached application form which is available in the column to the right on this webpage. If the consumer has a residence in another country, it is also recommended to mention a representative in Slovakia where the following documentation can be sent.

The applications (with attachments) has to be delivered by 2nd of December 2014, otherwise there will be no other possibility for the consumers to obtain compensation. Application forms attached have to be delivered to the trustee (2 copies) and to the court (1 copy) as well.

  • Address of the trustee: JUDr. Michal Mišík, Prievozská 4B, 821 09 Bratislava (email:
  • Address of the court: Okresný súd Bratislava I, Záhradnícka 10, 812 44 Bratislava I

ECC Slovakia wants to point out that consumers should consider if the whole procedure to claim money from Danube Wings is worth the time and money, since there may be some additional expenses as for postal expenses as well as transport to creditors meetings.