Pilots of Lufthansa in a three-day strike


At 00.01 am, the pilots of the airline Lufthansa went on a three-day strike. So far, 64 flights to and from Sweden have been cancelled. Be aware of your rights and make sure to use them if you are affected.

Air passengers rights are governed by an EU regulation. It applies to the entire EU, as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. Lufthansa is a German airline, and their passengers are therefore protected by EU law. The rules of cancelled and delayed flights also applies when the strike is the reason that the flight did not go according to schedule.

Rebooking or get your money back

If your flight is cancelled, the airline must offer you the following three options:

  • Give back the cost of the entire part of your ticket that you have not been able to use.
  • Reschedule your trip so that you arrive as soon as possible.
  • Reschedule your trip to another time that suits you.

You always have the right to choose between reimbursement and re-routing.

Service and support

Furthermore, you always have the right to care and assistance from the airline if your flight is cancelled. The airline should allow you to send two messages for free by phone, e-mail, telex or fax.

You should also be offered free food and drinks in reasonable relation to the waiting time. If you are delayed one or more nights, or if it's necessary with a longer stay at a different place than you planned, the airline is also obliged to pay for your hotel accommodation. The airline also has to pay for transport between the given hotel and the airport.

Financial compensation

According to EU rules, you may be entitled to financial compensation when your flight is cancelled or delayed. If the cancellation or delay of the flight dis due to so-called extraordinary circumstances, you are not entitled to compensation. What is classified as extraordinary is assessed from case to case.

More info

The most recent reports say that Lufthansa has cancelled all 64 flights to and from Stockholm and Gothenburg from Wednesday to Friday this week. Please check with Lufthansa how the situation looks for your particular flight before you travel to the airport.

You can find more information about your rights in the articles Delayed flight and Cancelled flight. All mentioned links are also available next to this article.