Online furniture to be handled by the Police


The web based furniture company Infurn, which seems to be based in Spain, continues to cause problems for customers all over Europe. Read along for the latest news from the ECC-net.

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) in Sweden have been receiving complaints from consumers about the furniture company Infurn for several months, and the same is happening in several other European countries. The reports are often about delayed or non-delivered goods, or the lack of refund as requested.

Unfortunately the powers of the ECC-net are limited. The network have no ways of acting unless the company itself agrees to cooperate. Some efforts have still been made, and the latest progress is as follows:

Purchases made from United Kingdom: 

  • The ECC in the UK are no longer able to handle any Infurn cases, due to the fact that the company has ended all of its sales operations in the country. However, there are nothing that indicates that Infurn is under liquidation or that the company has gone bankrupt.

Purchases made from Ireland:

  • The ECC in Ireland report that they have been able to solve a few complaints, where the order had been placed through the Irish version of the Infurn website. The ECC in Ireland has nothing further to add.

Purchases made from Spain

  • Together with the national consumer authority, the ECC in Spain reports that they have summarized the actions taken against Infurn/Livingdesign in their country.
  • Controls of the four Spanish Infurn websites made by the authorities has shown no evidence of any commercial activity. Furthermore, as in the UK, there are no signs that Infurn in Spain has been liquidated or gone bankrupt. The authorities has also been carrying out interviews with Infurn employees, but so far this has been unsuccessful.

All of the information about Infurn that has been gathered by authorities and the ECC-net across Europe has been brought to the police. It is now up to the police authorities to carry on with the investigations, and to determine whether or not it is possible to prosecute Infurn for fraud.