NIX-Telefon alerts about a company with a similar name


Nix Spärrservice promise Swedish consumers that they can avoid sales calls on their mobile phones, for a small cost every month. But this service is offered for free via the association NIX-Telefon, who has put out a warning for the freeloading newcomer.

ECC Sweden have started to receive cases concerning Nix Spärrservice, which is a company that sells a service that will stop telemarketing calls to mobile phone subscriptions – for 299 SEK a month. The only problem is that this service is actually free of charge, via the association NIX-Telefon.

In a press release NIX-Telefon says that they "with the utmost clarity, want to make clear that neither Nix Spärrservice or the alleged payment service is operated or sanctioned by the association NIX-Telefon".

NIX-Telefon is run as a non-profit association, with ten Swedish industry associations as principals. The association was established October 1 1999, and they give consumers the opportunity to lock their phones from sales and marketing calls, free of charge.