European and World Consumer Days


March is a consumer month with both a European Consumer Day and a World Consumer Day. 

European Consumer Day is an initiative of the European Economic and Social Committee, and it takes place on March 14th in Thessaloniki. This year’s event focuses on consumer protection and also takes a look at the added challenges facing consumers since the economic crisis hit. More information, including an agenda for the event, can be accessed on the EESC’s website, see link on the right side of this page.

World Consumer Day is an annual event organised by Consumers International. It aims to promote consumer rights around the world, and this year aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by consumers when dealing with mobile phone services. As part of the campaign, Consumers International have put together an agenda for phone rights.

The five-item Consumer Agenda aims to capture the issues that most affect consumers of mobile services:

  1. Provide consumers with access to an affordable, reliable service.
  2. Provide consumers with fair contracts explained in clear, complete and accessible language.
  3. Provide consumers with fair and transparent billing.
  4. Provide consumers with security and power over their own information.
  5. Listen and respond to consumer complaints.

The agenda can be accessed via the link on the right side of this page.

You can read more about the various events marking the day across the world at Consumers International's website, see links next to the article.