Swedish CO wants to stop Nordic Air from advertising


Nordic Air has neither airplanes nor operating license, but it is not apparent in the company's marketing. Now the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman (CO) wants to force Nordic Air to change its marketing.

If you look at Nordic Air's own website, you can't get any other idea than that the company has its owns aircrafts and an operating license. But according to the company's own data, that's not the case. The advertising is misleading according to the CO, and should therefore be banned.

Nordic Air also, in violation of current regulations, failed to inform witch airline that should fulfill the flights. Under current EU law, passengers needs to be informed about this before they make a seating reservation. But this is not the case with Nordic Air.

CO has sent a notice to Nordic Air, which the company must approve by 21 March. The order is subject to a fine of 500 000 Swedish crowns. If the company does not approve it, CO must consider pursuing the matter further to the court of market.


For further questions, please contact the Swedish Consumer Agency press office at +46 54-19 40 20.