Raid against Lifestyle Holiday and Voyager Travel


The blog reports that Spanish Police have struck a raid towards a number of companies based in the apartment complex/hotel Club Puerto Atlántico, Arguinneguin at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 

The group is reported to have sold timeshares and long-term holiday products since 2007.

According to Mindtimeshare, the following companies and trademarks, and others, are involved in the raid:

  • Voyager Travel
  • Timeshare Refund Network
  • Lifestyle Holidays Ltd.
  • Day International Marketing SL.
  • Wunschurlaub SL.
  • Resalegc Marketing SL.
  • Reclaimgc
  • Canarian Legal Alliance SL.

The organization Mindtimeshare intends to present a private prosecution when the judicial process is initiated and therefore wishes to be contacted by as many affected consumers as possible.

ECC Sweden recommends affected consumers to contact Mindtimeshare through the email-address

Consumers are advised to write a short, factual summary of their case in English and also attach copies of their contract, copy of payments to the company, copy of cancellation letters sent to the company and any additional correspondence with the company.