Motorists in France must have two breathalyzer


Every year, around 4 000 people in France dies in alcohol-related traffic accidents. The French government now wants a new law to reduce that number. From July 1, 2012, all motor vehicles needs to have two breathalyzers, even motorcycles.

Eleven euros will be fined to those who lack breathalyzers in their vehicle. Disposable alcohol tests can be bought on ferries, gas stations, department stores and at the borders of France for one to two euros.

The rules apply to everyone (French citizens and tourists included) who drives a motor vehicle in France, except mopeds. Fines will not be issued until November for people to have time to prepare for the new law.

If you are planning to ride a motorcycle in France, you should buy two breathalyzers just in case. The alcohol tests must have an approval and can not have passed the expiration date. If the vehicle have an so called alcolock, no separate alcohol test will be needed. 

The limit for drunk driving in France is 0,5 per thousand, compared to Sweden where it currently is 0,2 per thousand.