News archive 2013

Avoid being tricked when Christmas shopping

NEWS. Simple but important advices during Christmas shopping.

Watch out for

NEWS. Be careful if you visit or other valuation sites.

Your rights on delayed and cancelled flights

NEWS. This applies when your flight gets delayed or cancelled.

Strike can cause flight delays at Swedish airports tomorrow

NEWS. Ground staff threats to go on strike.

Flight delays at airports in Sweden today


Raid against Lifestyle Holiday and Voyager Travel

NEWS. Spanish Police raided several companies.

Avoid high telephone bills after the holidays

NEWS. Think about this when you make a call or go online abroad.

Many complaints towards

NEWS. ECC Sweden has made contact with ECC Estonia on the matter.

Motorists in France must have two breathalyzer

NEWS. New law against drunk driving.

Your rights during the French airline strike

NEWS. This applies when your flight gets delayed or cancelled.