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High risk to buy chargers online

NEWS. Warning from the National Electric Safety Board.

Airbnb change the price information and terms after demands from the EU

NEWS. Obligatory fees regarding the booking must be presented in a more distinctive way.

Get it right on European roads

NEWS. New guide to keep track of the musts and recommendations for car drivers in Europe.

How to solve car rental problems that arise later on

NEWS. There can be solutions if money have been withdrawn from your card without your consent.

You can receive compensation in the case of an airline strikes

NEWS. Travelers who had their flights cancelled or rebooked due to a strike are urged to apply for financial compensation.

New package travel directive – here are the most important changes

NEWS. The new directive is better suited for modern ways of travel purchase.

Beware of fake food on your vacation

NEWS. Check the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) to avoid paying overprizes. has declared bankruptcy

The European Consumer Centre has received questions from consumers who paid for products that were not delivered.

Seize the opportunity to shop in the UK

NEWS. Brexit hasn't made it more difficult shopping online so far.

Keep tabs on your ticket to the FIFA World Cup

NEWS. In ten days the FIFA World Cup will be under way in Russia. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions.