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Tips for operating Europe's winter roads

NEWS. These are the regulations about winter tires across Europe.

Keep track of fake reviews online

NEWS. Do not rely blindly on consumer recommendations.

EU requirements are forcing Estonian Air to cancel their flights

NEWS. All departures from November 8 are cancelled.

Lufthansa cabin crew is on strike

NEWS. The negotiations between the staff and the senior management have broken down.

New rule increases protection on package holidays

NEWS. The conditions for buying package holidays online and in store will be rectified.

German order forces VW to recall 8.5 million cars

NEWS. Latest news about the vehicles with emission problems.

Skandigo up for dissolution

NEWS. The latest news from ECC Denmark.

EU court ruling benefits air travellers

NEWS. EU-court decides on a rule change.

Consumers cancel purchases because of shipping costs

NEWS. One out of five cancel the purchase online.

Stricter controls for rail travellers await

NEWS. Safety on board will increase.