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Joint project 2016: Online holiday booking

NEWS. Is the indicated price the final price?

Flights to Zaventem in Brussels still cancelled

NEWS. Status quo regarding the airport Zaventem.

Cancelled flights to and from Brussels

NEWS. Due to the explosions in the airport Zaventem.

Swedish Trade Federation questions proposal from the European Commission

NEWS. Regarding new rules on digital content, among other things.

A record number of Swedes are shopping online

NEWS. New report from "E-barometern".

E-commerce in the Nordic countries continues to increase

NEWS. New report launched from Postnord.

Have you received claim from Storm & Mets?

NEWS. You will not automatically get a record of non-payment.

Autopriser and Carprice on the Swedish Consumer Agency's black list

NEWS. 1477 complaints have been filed.

Have you been discriminated while shopping online?

NEWS. Help us by answering three questions on geo-blocking.

New rules for dispute resolution and new online platform

NEWS. ECC Sweden has been appointed contact point for ODR.