3 good digital news in Europe


Would you like to use your digital services on movies, music and books during vacations abroad? Then you have three good news to look forward to coming European vacations. Portability, free wifi and reduced VAT on e-books are in progress within the EU.

Earlier this year, ECC Sweden reported about possible portability for paid online content services within EU. Last month the European Commission, Council and Parliament agreed on common rules for portability.

The new rules means that from the beginning of 2018 you will be able to use your online content services such as movies, sports, e-books, games and music when you are travelling within the EU. For example, if you have a Swedish Netflix account, you can watch your favourite series on the same conditions during your vacation in Greece as home in Sweden.

Should your data expire during your vacation, you will in the future be able to connect to the nearest wifi4EU. In the beginning of June, the European Commission announced its plans for free wifi in parks, squares, libraries and other public spaces within EU. In the next two years, the EU has allocated 120 million euros to the wifi investment.

If you like to download e-books, you may soon expect a price reduction on e-books. In early June, the European Parliament agreed on reduced VAT on e-books.

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