Solve your e-commerce disputes online


Have you purchased a product or service online that you are not satisfied with? Solve your e-commerce disputes online - without having to go to court.

Since February 15, 2016, you can resolve your e-commerce disputes online. If you aren’t satisfied with a product or a service you bought from a seller in another country within EU, you can send a complaint via the Online Dispute Resolution platform. The platform operates in all official EU languages, which means that you can submit the complaint in your own language, even if the seller speaks another language.

How it works:

  • Submit your complaint via the ODR platform in your own language. The company receives the complaint in their own language, together with a list of dispute resolution bodies that can help you resolve the dispute. All bodies that are presented in the list are approved by their EU country.
  • Now you and the seller have 30 days to agree on the dispute resolution body you want to use. The seller chooses first, but you must give your consent for the case to move forward.
  • The dispute resolution body you selected has 90 days to investigate the matter and reach a solution. When they find a solution to the dispute, you and the seller are informed and the case closes.

If you and the seller can’t agree on a dispute resolution body, or if the body you have selected can’t take on the case, please contact ECC Sweden for advice.

For Traders

Since February 15, 2016, all e-traders are obliged to have a link to the ODR platform on its website. For more information, see questions and answers on ADR and ODR platform or the infographic image 4 steps to better business (pdf).